Enhance the learning and teaching of modern languages at all levels!

The aim of the PowerLanguage Platform is to support specialist and non specialist language teachers in their Primary and Secondary schools.

Why our Platform?

  • Language support for French (other languages coming soon)
  • Face to face training
  • Web-based training
  • Suggested planning
  • Individual resources for teachers
  • Ongoing on-line support
  • Free interactive CDs
  • Links with a school abroad

How does it work?

1 Language

For teachers
We will go to your school to run Training Sessions with teachers and pupils. As a follow up, we have created short videos and audio podcast to help teachers refresh their language skills. We have dozens of little tips which can enhance the teachers’ confidence and ability to speak and teach in the target language. Web-based training can also be organised.

For the class
Detecto Dol, our language detective, will help you introduce Knowledge about Language and Grammar to your class in a fun, efficient way. Core language for classroom instructions including daily routine and games, with audio files attached, is also available on the platform.

2 Suggested planning

Planning sheets are available, and contain key language and topic areas to be covered, as well as suggested learning experiences for each stage/year. The planning sheets link up with the resources available on the platform.

3 Resources for the class

Downloadable resources have been created for you, many of which come with sound-files attached to help non-specialist teachers. In addition, we can create or adapt resources on request to suit your specific learning contexts.

4 Ongoing on-line support

As well as requesting resources tailor-made to their needs, teachers will be encouraged to get in touch with the PowerLanguage team for linguistic, methodological or technical help.